General Objectives

The conference aims to bring together the knowledge, experience and practices in three seemingly diverse but closely interrelated areas of peace, environment and tourism. These themes will be connected to advance the cause of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through youth social enterprise approach.

Specific objectives

  • Explore a new paradigm of tourism development and environmental management for regional and global peace, grounded in ethical and innovative leadership and corporate social responsibility.
  • Explore connections between peace, environmental sustainability and tourism in the context of advancing the Sustainable Development Goals through youth social enterprise model
  • Discuss the specific opportunities and challenges for tourism development through Nepal 2020 and similar initiatives in other Asian nations.
  • Promote environmental sustainability at local, national, regional and global levels including recycling and solid waste management and ICT solutions in Smart and Green Cities via social business models
  • Develop and advocate innovative policies and best practices for sustainable peace, tourism and environment
  • Encourage youth to take ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals through social enterprise initiatives.