Tourism is important not only for economic development, but also for fostering peaceful cooperation among different societies, cultures and nations through cross cultural and social harmony. However, peace is also a pre-condition for the development and growth in the tourism sector.  A GDP focused economic development model has often caused tremendous pressure on finite natural resources, leading to an alarming rate of environmental deterioration and resulting resource conflicts in the world. Thus, peace and the environment have an intricate relationship, and tourism is both an instrument and casualty when peace is diminished. In addition to these relationships, peace, tourism and the environment are components of national and international initiatives including Nepal 2020 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal, Pacific Asia Travel Association(PATA) Nepal and other partners have teamed up to organize an Asia-Pacific conference on “Peace, Environment and Tourism” in Nepal in May 2020. The conference aims to initiate a high level dialogue among key stakeholders of the 3 sectors and culminate with actionable’s implemented via youth social enterprise models.

This conference will serve as a common forum to enable exchange of knowledge and experiences that will result in better understanding of the close interrelationship among the three sectors to find pathways for peace, and to advance models and best practice solutions for sustainable development.

The collective wisdom would be translated into an action oriented plan and taken ahead by youth with social business ideas who would be engaged pre-conference in critical business skills training through youth social enterprise track.

This conference will build on Smart and Green City initiatives, International Young Leaders Assembly and the Global Youth Summit to bring youth, researchers, social enterprise practitioners, policy makers and planners, government and international development agencies, civil society organizations and corporates.

Theme  “Building Sustainable Peace through Tourism & Environmental Solutions”